The translation system is working from an exportation of the dialogue strings from the eAthena script to a .po files. This one is after uploaded to transifex. (A web support tool for language translation)

This system is importing the strings which are located between the language functions.

You can contribute on evol’s translation from checking our page there. If your language is not there, you can ask to get it added in mailing 4144 or in joining us on IRC at irc:// .


The translation system is in first time used in the NPC’s script, and then translated by different teams in about 10 languages.

You can find below some examples but also some further explanation of how this system works.

Script Functions

An example of the most used language function:

mes l("Good morning!");

The l() is the language function. The sentence between the bracket will be exported to the .po file.

There is also a gender-translation function, here an example of the two most used cases:

mes g(l("Good morning miss Reid#0"),
l("Good morning mister 4144#1"));

The g(l(#0), l(#1)) is here the sum of the gender and language functions. This case shows that if the player is a woman, it will give the first sentence, at inverse, if the player is a man, it will show the second one.

mes lg("Good morning my gentle");

The lg() is a shorter version of the previous one, this first use is for other languages. On this line, the selection will still be the one between the brackets, but it will be added twice on the .po file, with a extension at the end, as it’s previously explained on the last example.

This gender-translation function is mainly used because some languages got different typo for gender sentence. Example: In French, we will translate this sentence like this:

Good morning my gentle.#0 => Bonne matinée ma douce.
Good morning my gentle.#1 => Bonne matinée mon doux.

Transifex usage

In transifex, you will see some sentence which end with the #0, #1 tag, you should not add it on the final translation!

Usage's example

For English:

Good morning my gentle.#0 => Good morning my gentle.

For French:

Good morning my gentle.#0 => Bonne matinée ma douce.


#0 To show that the sentence is directed to a woman.

#1 To show that the sentence is directed to a man.


Evol Online is using a race support, the main use is to tweak the player’s stat and skin, but also to give some gameplay element to this such as the add of special typo for some race.

Tritan’s race: This is a fish-human race, and it uses a different typo than the human’s one, it’s why you will see in some strings some sentence such as “yoiis”, “yeyeye”, or “yayin” and other deryvation.

Warning: You should not translate them! It’s like the smurf’s expression, it replaces some words, so we ask of you to adapt it for your language.

You can find a list of words that should not be translated on our glossary on transifex. If you need to know how you should translate a word, you can ask Reid Yaro.