Teru: A9t



Art Project

{larcu se gunka pi’e te damba}

Born of boredom, inspiration, and alienation. From its disorganized and fragmented nature, looking back on old memories, it was desirable to collect what all had been drawn, to build an archive spanning years of formless sketches and grand gestures of what was to be, but never became.

From there was undertaken a mistaken effort to connect the old sketches, drawings, colorings, and such into one story connecting each to the other.

Old backups of eternity’s past moved to git management. Git gave the advantage of managing integrity automatically instead of manual MD5 comparisons as with simple archiving.

A9t was, is, and shall remain an art-project that has received many of its details from old friends long moved on, but not forgotten. It has with it the fluorescent stench of other formless un-dead, un-quit, misty, lost-and-found, Frankensteinian projects. A monster differing from others only in its tastes, and non-preferred manner of horrific degeneracy. Here rotting in oblivion, there being revived by another crazed Frankenstein.

In spite of clutching to it as some personal form of “self-expression”, A9t has sought an outlet of expression apart from its author’s self.

Perhaps a comic book? A feature-length film! An epic video game! 320×240 gallery of images for iPod screens! 96×96 size gallery for Sansa running RockBox!

Ambitions being what they are, nothing became of A9t beyond a collection of loose thoughts archived in a mess of Lisp comments within a large, formless git archive telling itself “tomorrow will be the day!” Tomorrow never came.

A combined interest in the arts and in programming had with it an uncommon character in its time. More artists and ordinary people will be learning the command-line, how to manage their own git archive, creating of and for their own amusement and as a rally call to the like-minded. We are fragmented, separated by borders and languages, but not alone. A9t has had, with its essence of defiance to assimilation, a very human quality recognized by all who have felt dehumanized and outcast, different for its likeness to the better qualities common to human-beings.

{ Lacking contents: Remoi, Kyvo, Byrmudas, Cicyl, Mt. Arda, Seran, Kiun, Giel, Miz, Seldimna "Reima" Xad, Terdapma "Malcizura" Rux, U6t, Badomen, Trilobial-Frog ... }