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-Welcome to the wonderful and interesting world of Evol Online.+Welcome to the Evol Online ​official Wiki.
-Evol Online was started ​by in the year and has been growing ever since,+The project is run by a tight group of developers ​and enthusiasts attempting to create a wonderful world of adventures.
 +We are currently in Beta development phase and therefore not all features have been implemented yet.
 +If you want to report a bug, suggest new features, or just have a chat with game developers join us on our IRC channel at irc.freenode.net,​ #evol-dev or go to bugs.evolonline.org.
 +Enjoy the wiki!
 +===== Evol Online Portal =====
 +[[guide|Game Guide]]
 +[[nations|Evol Online World]]
 +===== Developer Portal =====
 +[[contributors|Contributors List]]
 +[[statistics|Project Statistics]]
 +[[guidelines:​firstdevstep|First developer steps]]
 +[[guidelines:​updating|Updating your data, server, client and other]]
 +[[guidelines|Developer Guidelines]]