Later is a measure of time. Later indicates something that is planned for the relatively near future and is going to happen unless something horrible happens first or there is a change of plans.

Later later later

“Later later later” is a measure of time that indicates when something will be released. Later later later refers to a distant time that will definitely come before the Apocalypse, but may not be close enough for you to be alive at the time it comes. “Later later later” is longer than “later”, but shorter than “some day”. This time measure tends to be roughly similar to Soon™, which, however, is on average somewhat shorter.

Some day

“Some day” refers to a time in the future that has yet to be determined. It is not a confirmation nor a denial that something is being/has been/will be planned at some point in time. “Some day” is short for “Some day, maybe, this will be considered again and, maybe, it’ll be planned for later later later”.

In the future

“In the future” refers to something that will definitely happen in the future. While the future could be any moment after the present, “in the future” implies that something won’t happen in what is known as “the near future”. Something planned to happen “in the future” will happen in a distant time between the far future and the death of the developer (DISCLAIMER: “in the near future” does not account for premature death and is entirely based on “how long do I have left to live” clocks found on the Internet).


“Never” refers to something that will never happen. How dare you even suggest such a thing? You should be ashamed of yourself.