The Beta2 Release was released the 23rd December 2012, this release was part of the Beta Session which started in November 2011,.

The target of this second release was to follow the introduction of the story made by the Beta1 Release and to complete it by adding a good and balanced Gameplay. The development process was the same than for the Beta1 Release, the first focus was to have basic elements -in this case, the Gameplay- and then getting the guidelines established for future releases.



  • Halloween items and rewards.
  • New map. (ie: Desert Island)
  • New monsters.
  • New items.
  • New graphics.
  • New sound effects and equalized all of them in game.
  • Many new NPCs and in-game interactive script.
  • Missing introducer NPCs.
  • Ship quest done.
  • Actualization of current scripts.
  • New languages.
  • New approach to the hammock has been made.
  • Introduction of savepoints.
  • In game support for quest windows, will list all the quests you took part in.
  • Merchant added, economy has been reviewed.
  • Revision of most of our graphics.
  • New animated tilesets.
  • Rules have been added.
  • In game support for S dye type.
  • New sit frames displayed in function of where the player is sitting.
  • New hairstyles.
  • New hair colors.
  • New sfx for in-game specific events. (ie: quest done)
  • Verification of player’s inventory’s state in scripts.


  • Documentation updated.
  • Translation updated.
  • Code/Script syntax fixed.
  • Dialogues updated. (gender specific strings, punctuation, English dialogues fully reviewed)
  • Races spritesheets has been fully reviewed and fixed.
  • Same for equipments spritesheets.
  • Cleaned and reorganized all of the client data.
  • Optimization of current tilesets.
  • Doors particle effect animation change.
  • Rework of most hairstyles, to fit the new dye type.
  • New door graphics.
  • License change in several files. (Evol is progressivly going to use CC BY-SA 3.0 content instead of GPL v2, more information can be found here)


Here the developer’s list which worked on getting most of the dialogues and strings translated for this Beta2.

  • French. Reid Nard Alige
  • German. Ablu Cobra-x Anonymouse
  • Italian. WildX Hal9000
  • Polish. Derpella Thoutmes
  • Russian. 4144 Vasily Kansu
  • Spanish. Nelson Narus
  • Vlaams. Elvano
  • West-Vlaams. AL13N * Portuguese. Alastrim Freya

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