All of the old news entry from the site and the game are placed on this page.

In Game news

The adventure continues!

Summer holidays for Evol Online!

June 2012

Once more, a lot of work has been done, recently on the consistency and quality of the game. A lot of new graphics will be part of the next release, Beta2. Interactivity between the player and the game was our main goal the past weeks.

This new dynamic and gaming experience will be revealed throughout animations full of mysteries. Treasure chests, coconuts and new NPCs have appeared on a brand new map!

The work on the translations, the repositorie reorganizations and on top of all, the client, were one of our main concerns lately. The developers still need a bit of time in order to finish this release, thus we thank you for waiting.

– Regards, Alige.

A contantly evolving Beta!

May 2012

Good news, most of the needed work for the Beta2 has been finished. However, there are still some language tasks left, and we need your help for this!

The game rules were added on the Beta2, the no-law world reached to its end! You can review a copy of these rules on our site.

A development pause will be made between the Beta session and the Aurora release. This break will be done in order to rethink most of our future guidelines.

We will notify you of the release date in the next news. It should technically be one week before the release itself.

– Cheers, Reid.

Guidelines for future releases have been established!

April 2012

As you may know, Evol Online has seen multiple development stages during the past years. It is now the time to look forward and to establish the bases of our future development roadmaps.

At the end of the third and last Beta release, we will switch to a new style of development. It will be formed of two types of releases.

The first, called Aurora, will continue the selected story and will be the main quest line. Skylandia will be the second type. It will be composed of some side-quests from the Aurora releases, as well as revealing the secrets of Aemil.

A last development release has been prepared, the Mercurian one. This type is currently hidden and nothing will be spoiled as it will end the game story.

So be patient!

– Cheers, Reid.

Land Ahoy!

March 2012

Almost two months have passed since we began redesigning our content and concept base. One of the changes was made for the mascot, the Pious, which will now be renamed to ‘Piou’.

We still need few weeks before being done with the graphic part. But we started to concept the Level Design (including new quests, dialogues, maps). Most of this should be done in May, so be ready to the next episode for this month!

Here are some important links, if you wish to take part in the development or if you just wish to talk with us.

– Cheers, Reid.

On the way for the Beta2!

February 2012

The Evol Online Developers and Contributors, woud like to thank the numerous Beta testers who played Evol over the last three weeks. So far, we have reached 450 testers.

As you all have been waiting for news about the Beta2, here it is. The door to the outside will be unlocked, there will be new monsters, items, quests and a brand new map!

The second Beta release will focus in establishing the future style of our gameplay.

– Cheers, Reid.

Merry Christmas!

December 2011

On this Christmas morning, the Evol Online team is of course here to wish you all a merry Christmas and to announce that the first Beta release of Evol Online will soon be available!

No, this is not a dream! After more than a year of work and through good and bad times, the team finally decided to release the first Beta release.

Over one year has passed and we have been working on the in-game design and in a new technology for our server and client. The time has come to reveal it to the world!

We, the Evol Online developers, hope to get as many Beta testers as we can in order to get as many different views as possible.

We sincerely thank you for your patience and for sharing the same dream we have in common.

– Cheers, Reid.

Web news

Evolving Beta

16th April 2012.

We have now finished most of the work needed for releasing the next update. However, there are still some tasks left, and most of the new NPC dialogues need translating.

Most of these tasks require skills beyond the reach of the main Evol team. Mainly language skills. That’s why we’re asking you to help in any way you feel comfortable with. Our wish to open the world of Evol Online to a large multilanguage community cost us a lot of time, and is one of the reasons for the second Beta release being late. We want to spend some more time getting things right instead of rushing the release.

We hope you are all aware of our beta-rules ( ), which will be included in-game for the Beta Release #2, to spread the awareness among players and the community. If there’s something you want to change, or talk about, you’re more than welcome on our IRC development channel ( irc:// ).

After all this, the third beta will be released, after a short interlude between the end of the Beta session and the beginning of the Aurora development step. This period is intended for keeping a clear and precise game development, focusing on writing most of the guidelines and the next projects further down the road (Skylandia, Mercurian, etc.) into the wiki.

We will notify everyone one week before the release date, to give developers a heads up and gently point to the hourglass running out of sand. ^^

As always, a word on ManaPlus, which last week released version Our client need as much help as we need in translating. Anyone can help. If you’re from France and understand english text, well, then you’re able to contribute on the french translation! (Same goes for all the other languages.)

You can read the changelog of ManaPlus at . If you want to follow the development of the client, or if you want to share your ideas, you can join the IRC channel at irc://

I wish you all a good day, and hope to see you all again soon for the next step of Evol Online.

Cheers, Reid and Taree.

Become an apprentice seaman!

13th April 2012.

Here we go with some news on the Beta Release #2 development process. We recently set our guidelines for the future release“s” of Evol Online, we will publish on the following weeks a complete report of this, but the most important part was the cut of the development of the game in multiple stage.

Firstly, a bit of history, if you follow Evol Online since the start you might know that we released on the past year a Pre-Alpha and an Alpha release. Both of them were meant to test our new server and client as well as our graphics database, mainly to know their possibility but also to know on which side we should focus.

After these releases, we decided to enter in what we will call it later, the “Beta Session”, the development of this last is cut in three part. The first release is here to set and to test the chosen story, the second release (the one currently in development) will focus on the gameplay development while the third and last release will conclude in a general balance.

The Beta’s goal is to get some basics guidelines on how will be set the game design in general for the futur releases.

Coming after this Beta session, two kind of releases will see the light of the day. They will be named Aurora and the Skylandia Releases. Aurora will follow the main quest through the island of the same name, it will make you join the city of Esperia and make you discover what happened to you before that the commercent ship rescued you. The Skylandia will be independant from this main quest, it will give you the opportunity to visit the rest of the island of the whole island group of Andorra.

Finally, the Merucirans Releases will end the game, it will shows you every secret of the game, and many things that you can’t imagine right now… But! We want to keep this kind of releases secret for now, so you will need to be patient. :)

For going back to the actual development, we resumed in a wiki page most of the things to complete to get the Beta2 on the ray. You can access it by this link: .

We are also in search of some contributors, we need a serious help on the scripting and translation tasks.

Before to end, we would like to thanks Hal9000, AxlTrozz and Pihro for their recent contribution on the graphic and language tasks!

We need your precious help to complet this release, and remember that anybody can come and contribute! (Even with a comment on how you find this game ;D )

A note on ManaPlus development now, you will find bellow some of the news made on the latest version of our official client.

  • A fix has been done to correct a possible crash after connecting to game.
  • The support for proxy got added for the download updates.
  • The auto-hide function for the top corner buttons got now three state, which let you decide how you want that these buttons behave (Hide, Show, Hide in small resolution)
  • You can now clear the drop window menu, you won’t need to remove every items one by one.
  • Some speed improvement has been done for the software mode, as well as an option to enable/disable the texture blurring has been added

For a full changelog, you can check the ManaPlus home page at

Have a nice day, Reid and sebbu.

Land ahoy!

19th March 2012

Almost two months have passed since we began redesigning our graphics. We can now say that we are close to being finished! As you can see on the header, we have a brand new graphic design, mainly with the help of Len Pabin, IvanMorve and FotherJ.

For now, we just need some time to rethink more of our graphic base, and then we can say that we are getting ready to proceed to the next step!

The next step of the development for Beta Release #2 will be getting most of the Level Design stuff ready, which includes future NPC dialogs, quests, and maps.

So now we can plan a release date for our second beta episode. Due to some major changes in our graphics, we won’t be able to publish our work online at the end of April as was announced in January.

But the wait won’t be long! We should be able to offer you this update on Saturday May 12, 2012, but remember that this date is not 100% certain. We will notify you of any future changes should they occur.

Other than that, we are still looking for some volunteers to help with our translations! If you are interested, take a look at the wiki page( ), and contact Reid! Everybody can help, remember that! ;D

Let’s finish with ManaPlus’s News… Since the last news update, two versions have seen the light of day:, and the latest, Here is a brief overview of the ChangeLog:

  • A fix for the client data translations. Some translated strings did not appear, but this problem has been corrected.
  • An error message doesn’t appear for missing emotes anymore.
  • Increased the size of the default NPC dialog window.
  • Added a new settings tab to regroup all “Visual” settings.
  • Some different sound effects were added for different messages. (This option can be configured in the audio settings page.)
  • You can now resize your minimaps to any size you wish.
  • The latest client version is now visible on the News Update screen.
  • Added support for per race equipment sprites.
  • The Use and Equip buttons have been replaced by a single unique button.

You can go to this for a complete overview of ManaPlus’s ChangeLog.

Dearly yours, Reid and Sola.

New bases, test stage!

2nd March 2012

First of all, we wish to all of you a good day and we want again to thank you for your support and help to build our dream project.

Speaking about contribution, we updated our wiki page which regroups all of the contributors of Evol Online. If you are not listed there, and you think that you should, just send me a mail or contact me on IRC! My mail is on this wiki page and remember that you can also connect to IRC from .

Now, it’s time to speak about the future Release of Evol, the next episode, called Beta #2. The progress is being slow, but sure. Most of the tests on the new tilesets are almost done, and our concepts of future gameplay is getting much more concrete, after all, it’s what this Beta #2 is for!

I will keep the secret on the new tilesets, to reserve the surprise effect, but if you want to follow the art creation, you can still check our DeviantArt page at . Remember that you can always leave us a feedback or a comment (nice or bad) on the art and concept that we are doing there.

We also welcome every translators to check again the Beta #1’s dialogues and to start translating the Item’s names and descriptions, to get Evol Online fully in your language!

Remember to register yourself on and to contact 4144 or Reid on IRC, by mail, or directly through the transifex site to be added in a translator team. Every information on this topic can be found at

As a last but not least point, I would like to warn you that Guglielmo Pini (WildX) is working on an English correction of the item’s names and descriptions, but also in some monster names. (ie: The Pious monster will now be called Piou.)

To end this news post, I will summarize you the latest changes made on Manaplus.

  • Manaplus now supports translation on the client data side (for item’s names and descriptions, race names etc.)
  • The drop counter got increased from 9 to 30 and you can now drop from your chat tab, with the command “/setdrop”
  • GM names are now in green color on the Online List. Now you won’t be confused with fake GM/Admin and real ones!
  • Items are no more static, when you drop them in a tile, they won’t all be in the same position! Test to drop some of your item on the floor (isolated from scammers) and see the difference!
  • An update of Mplus and Liberation fonts.
  • You will also be able to check the Race name of your friends, but also of yourself on the status and debug windows! (F2 and F10)

Check for further changes and remember that a new version of ManaPlus will be released this week-end!

Dearly yours, Reidy and WildX.

On the way for the Beta2!

9th February 2012

We would like, on behalf of all of the Evol Developers and Contributors Team, to thank the numerous beta-tester who played Evol over the last three weeks. So far the number of testers is 450.

Thanks a lot for your bug reports, we were able to provide some updates to get everything working perfectly, at least for this first beta.

Now, what you’ve all been waiting for, some news about the 2nd beta! We are going to put some complete information about this on the Wiki once everything is finalized, but here is a brief overview:

  • The 2nd beta will have some last-minute fixes from the 1st beta release, some cleaning up, and also the door to the outside will be unlocked!
  • This means that you will arrive in the world, but still not to the city of Artis.
  • There will be some new monsters, new items, new quests, and still much more information about what happened to you when you were in the Sea of Oceania.

There is much to discover in the coming weeks…

Now it’s time for Manaplus to Evolve! A new update happened this weekend.

  • It now features something called “Evol client”, which is a branding version of Manaplus. The main difference from the actual Manaplus is the logo and the name, but also that the Evol Online Server is now in the top of the server list.

This client will be available from the download part of this site. For the normal Manaplus, you can still find it at the same place:

  • The Buggy “attack range” has been corrected, as you may notice. Your knife now can’t attack further away than one tile, as intended.
  • The client will now request your chosen language from the server. This will be used to translate every item name and description into your language.
  • Support for moving cameras is introduced. This mean that your camera will get centered over something a NPC wants to show you.
  • Some redesign work is done. The character creation part has been completely redesigned. The server list window is different, and you can now also read a short description of the server that you selected to get a clearer selection for the player.
  • There were also 3 new emotes: a Troll-Face, a Metal-Salute, and a Crying emote, which were added to the large smileys collection of Manaplus.

The rest of the changelog can be found on the Manaplus website.

We would, once more, remind everyone that your chars will be reset, due to some balancing which will happen at the end of the beta phase. Thank you for your understanding. We are still willing to argue about it, if necessary.

Dearly yours, Reid.

Translation and it goes!

8th January 2012

The progress made on the content creation these two lasts weeks is considerable.

We can mainly thanks Ablu for his help to track every bug and to have written or rewritten a major part of the scripts which will be in the Beta release which is coming very soon.

We are now with one foot over the finish line with regard to the content creation, only some last tweaks here and there, and the launch of the last part of development: The translation of every NPCs’ dialogs in multiple languages.

The currently formed teams are these: Russian - 4144, French - Reid, West-Vloams - AL13N, Nederlands - AL13N, Deutsch - Ablu,

For this last stretch, we will need your help, effectively, we need people who are able to translate to languages such as italian, polish, greek, portuguese or spanish.

We will need motived people to form new teams, just think that once we got enough languages, the Beta will be released! If you are a native speaker of the languages listed above, or of another language which is not listed, feel free to join us with this link: or mail me at reid (at)

The progress made on the client development is also quite big, with a new update of Manaplus, here is a list of the change made on:


  • “-s” server command line parameter,
  • Restore GL_PACK_ALIGNMENT after creating screenshots in opengl modes,
  • Rare crash with reconnecting to different servers,
  • Color for /me messages in wood theme,
  • Crash in chat autocomplete if no active tab in chat window,
  • Bold chat/NPC text correction.

New features:

  • Allow close NPC dialog if script stopped with error,
  • Clear outfit option in outfits context menu,
  • Ability to test graphics and sound performance and stability. Shortcut ManaPlus (test),
  • Chat command /dumpt to dump last test values,
  • Additional checks for insecure chars combinations in players nicks,
  • allow use item replacement with empty from value which means replace from any value,
  • Remove > Next message from NPC dialogs.

I would also personnally give you my apologies for the delay of the release, and for the mistake that I said on the previous news, where i said that the game would be released in the ‘next days’, it was unclear.

For a clearer answer: The game will be released once we got enough translation, so in the next 10days, if we don’t find any major bug.

Dearly yours, Reid.

Merry Christmas!

25th December 2011

On this Christmas morning, the Evol Online team is here to wish you all a merry Christmas, and to announce the beta release of Evol Online, which will be available in the next days!

No, this is not a dream! After more than one year of work and through good and bad times, 4144, Coolkid782, Vasily, myself and every other contributor to this project (and there are many) have finally decided to release the first beta release.

  • Why will we have this release?

The purpose of the beta release is to get your opinions and ideas on how to improve the new Evol Online game. With the new, reinvented gameplay and Evol’s new team, all of the changes were carried out this past year.

  • How long will it last?

You will have to wait a few weeks for the next update. There will be a bigger beta release which will consist of the changes that you report to us and also some other maps and content. ;-) This first beta will be here as a present for this upcoming new year.

  • You might be wondering if Evol is joking around with you. You may be wondering, over one year has passed and we did not get anything better than this beta?

I would answer that by saying that you are incorrect. This last year we’ve been working on the in-game design and on the new technology for our server. We have also done a lot of other work for later releases, so that we can provide you with regular updates without the need to wait six months for the next update release.

We, the Evol online developers, hope to get as many beta testers as we can in order to get as many different views as possible.

To conclude this post, we sincerely thank you for your patience and for sharing the same dream; the dream that we have tried to accomplish since we started this project over one year ago.

Dearly yours, Reid.