• GPL only for codes
  • CC BY-SA 3.0 for other content

License history

Most of the groundwork from Evol comes from The Mana World and eAthena. Both of these two projects use the GNU GPLv2 as license, so we inherited it while forking The Mana World.

The GPL is a well known and largly used license through the FLOSS world, this is why it’s a good choice to keep using it.

  • Missing arguments why we want to change.

Why this choice

  • Comparaison to other well known license, and our wish.
  • Why not other license + advantage of CC
  • Why not other CC

Approving our license

  • Our actual work on changing the license
  • Brief disclamer for those who accept the dual-license and the abandon of the GPL support
  • Name of those who accept to release their work as CC BY-SA 3.0.