Quality Assurance guidelines

In order to deliver a good product is always critical to mantain consistence throughout the whole development phase.

Quality Assurance checks have to be run before every release according to guidelines below.

1. General

1.1 Brand Identity

ID Rule Actions Corrective actions Status Version Check Date Check
1.1.1 .. .. - - - -
1.1.2 .. .. - - - -
1.1.3 .. .. - - - -

1.2 Website

1.3 Social

2. Gameplay

2.1 Player Movement

ID Rule Actions Corrective actions Status Version Check Date Check
2.1.1 Player shall be able to move throughout the whole storyline. Check with a GM Player no obstacoles compromise the storyline, (wrong collisions, uncorrect warps,..). - - - -
2.1.2 All maps shall have collisions placed according to tiles graphic. Check with a Player all graphic obstacles (map border, cliff, water,..), are not walkable. Check to be performed with all movement’s input techniques (mouse hold, tap, keyboard). - - - -
2.1.3 Player shall be able to interact with NPC, warps and active objects in an easy and reliable way. Check NPC, warps and active objects have enough distance each other in order to avoid overlaying issues. - - - -

2.2 Game Dynamic

ID Rule Actions Corrective actions Status Version Check Date Check
2.2.1 Game shall not contain frequent game blocker. Check with a Player storyline does not contain frequent unexpected game blocker like automated NPC interactions, automated warps, NPC barriers, system-generated messages, game camera auto-movement. - - - -
2.2.2 Game shall not be too frenetic. Player shall cover 20 tiles in not less then 4 seconds (linear moving). Game camera auto-movement shall be smooth and clear graphic shall be distinguishable while camera is moving moves. - - - -
2.2.3 Game shall not be frustrating for the player. Game shall allow player to come back to life in a safe place form where different paths can be followed. At least One path to a low level area shall be available. - - - -
2.2.4 Game shall not be repetitive, it shall always provide different ways to progress in the adventure. Check the storyline offers: a balanced way to level up through differend kind of quests (item collection, talk-to-person, monster hunting, etc), optional side-quests, enough randomness in dialogues, monster drops and missions’ rewards. - - - -

3. Content

3.1 Storyline


4. Graphic


5. Audio


6. Internationalization


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