Life appeared on a vast world, unknown to all. As time passed, this world, now called Aemil, was then inhabited by several clans where everyone was equal. This realm didn’t know any horror such as war, rebellion nor the idea of hate. Aemil was divided in several continents by Oceania, a large ocean. On Ealia, a great continent surrounded by water, lived people along with nature. The peace kept living as the earth had enough resources for everyone.

Unfortunatly, drought slowly came with the summers while winters started to be colder than ever. Therefore, people weren’t able to help each other anymore. So many died. With death, drought and starvation came other problems which forced clan leaders to create new rules in their society in order to maintain peace. Everyone had their own task to achieve. This went on for several years and worked fairly well. However, resources started to miss and lands weren’t fertile anymore. Food became rare, people started stealing from each other to survive.

As time passed, Ealia changed. New technologies were invented to improve agriculture and hunting for example. People grew stronger and were efficient. Slaves then arrived and agriculture became their task. The brilliant minds continued improving and creating but people forgot how much the earth suffered. Living in their cities, people did not notice nor care about the hard working people. Instead, they kept providing rich people with everything they asked for. Needs grew without any end in cities, everyone wanted more and more. They fought between themselves to take control of the few fertile lands. Groups joined together and as a result were born two great opponents. Wars broke out between them and the idea of power grew in their minds.

Many died in combat while the lands continued to suffer until the leader of a group saw how awful it became. After several meetings between the two leaders, it took many months to finally agree to suspend war. Nevertheless, battles continued to happen as the lust of power made their hate grow.

In order to end this once and for all, the two opponents chose to unite themselves into a single alliance. This was decided unanimously, including by the leaders of both sides. The goal was to restore the world as it was before, where everyone was equally born and where no harm could be done between themselves. Leaving their mess behind, they left to find another place where to live. They travelled throughout the whole continent, but they were never satisfied enough and the search continued. The harsh environments of the mountains and the deserts killed hundreds of their explorers. The rest barely had the strength to breathe.

As they saw death coming quickly, they ordered to split into three groups when they will reach the coast to Oceania. Each of these groups would sail in different directions. As they reached the east coast of Ealia, a ship took off to the north, another one to the south and the last one followed the rising sun. Their only hope was that one of their ship would be able to find a new land where to live.

From which started an air of exploration. The ship which followed the sun was the only one who found suitable grounds. Nobody knew what happened to the other ships. Did they all die, drowning in the deep sea or did they find another land where to live? The mystery kept living and myths began to rise.

As they arrived to the new land, people met suspiciously aggressive creatures. No matter how fierce they were, they knew this land was the one they were looking for. Anyway, they had no other choice than to settle here. Deep in themselves, they knew they would need to fight to stay on this wild land. They hold on even though they continued to be harassed by the evil creatures.

The era of renaissance was born. Once they repelled the vicious animals, they started exploring around themselves. They finally built a new city, called Esperia, symbol of hope. Over time, it became the capital city of the new continent, Andorra. This new area was in fact a large group of islands but they were only living on a single one, named Aurora because of the magnificent sun rise of every day.

You were born to keep alive the dream that many died to accomplish. It is your destiny to explore the world of Aemil and find new lands. You are the grandchild of one of the bravest settlers of Andorra.